A home inspection is a detailed examination of a residential property. Most home inspections take place when a person is building or purchasing a new home. Buying a new home is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make, so it's wise to make sure a knowledgeable expert assesses the property. While a house may look pristine to the average person, a certified home inspector knows where to look and what clues to check for to make sure you're not purchasing a giant collection of expensive repairs.

What Do KJS Inspections Uncover?

Check out our gallery to see a small sampling of the thousands of photos we've snapped during home inspections. These photos were included in our reports, which helped the buyers make informed decisions regarding their real estate purchase and negotiations.

What Does A Home Inspector Do?

At KJS Inspections we do a thorough examination of your home's electrical, plumbing, and structural features. From inspecting the insulation and roofing in your attic to making sure your appliances and water heaters are installed correctly, a certified home inspector will notice details that could effect the value and desirability of the home. Should we find a costly repair item, such as a roof leak or cracked foundation, it could considerably effect your negotiations with the seller.


How Can A Home Inspection Save Me Money?

In addition to helping you avoid purchasing a home that requires too many costly repairs, we will also provide you with a thorough report which you can leverage during negotiations. For example, based on our findings, you may request that the seller purchase a new water heater, or replace a faulty light fixture. You may even request a price reduction should the home require a particularly costly repair, such as a new roof or plumbing. While a home inspection does cost money, it can save you a vast deal more.


What is a General or Residential Inspection?

The most important inspection is the residential inspection or home inspection. KJS Inspections will inspect your home structure, exterior, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior, insulation, and ventilation. We will then provide you, the buyer, with a report containing photos and descriptions of our findings. The report will suggest any improvements or repairs that we consider desirable or necessary. The report achieves two main goals:

  1. It educates you regarding the property you're about to purchase.
  2. It provides you with documentation that you may be able to use to negotiate a better deal.

“As the buyer you may be able to negotiate the price dependent on what the inspector has found. If flaws were found within the home, the buyer now would have a couple more options in negotiations. A buyer could negotiate a credit with the sellers, have the seller pay for repairs before the closing, purchase the home as is, or walk away from the purchase if the issues seem too problematic.” ~ American Home Inspectors Training Institute


Should I Attend My Residential Inspection?

We highly recommend that you attend at least part of your inspection. This gives us the opportunity to show you first hand what issues we see, and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to protect your interests, and we want to be sure that you see and understand the scope of any problems we uncover.

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