Learn the ins and outs of what a home inspector does, what kind of information belongs on an inspection report, and how to leverage that information.

Be Empowered

Acquire the knowledge you need to hold home inspectors, home builders, home sellers, and other real estate agents accountable. Protect your client's interests and negotiate a great deal.

Feel Confident

Impress your clients with your knowledge and expertise as you explain their inspection report and answer any questions they may have.

Real Estate Continuing Education Class

Rollyn's Real Estate School

Course #31121 - 4 hours

  • Why is an inspection important?
  • Where can I find items on the report?
  • Why do some inspectors not walk on the roof?
  • Will my inspector advise the buyer how to make repairs?
  • Why are things worded a certain way on the report?
  • Will I get a copy of the report?
  • Do minor items have to be listed on the report?
  • Do you provide a summary sheet?

If you would like to host a class please contact either Mike Taylor or Rollyns Real Estate School.

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If you would like to attend this Real Estate CE Class, please contact Mike Taylor, TREC Instructor #3886, at 713-588-5969. You may also Email Mike Here.


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