Sell Your House Fast for Under $15!

Sell your home fast. Here is a list of ten items you can do to your home to get ready to list/show it. These items are UNDER $15! These are items that every home inspector could find within the first ten minutes of an inspection. Remember, the shorter the list of items on your buyer’s inspection report, the better your house looks to them. The easier it is to sell your home.
(I am not endorsing any vendor. These are the lowest prices I found by a simple Google search)
(This article does not consider improving curb appeal)

Hose bib back flow preventers – $3.13 @Walmart
Splash blocks under downspouts – $4.97 @Walmart
Install light bulbs – LED 6pack $10 @Lowes – 10/6 = $1.66
Broken or missing switch and outlet covers – 28ยข @Lowes
Replace AC/Heat filters – $2 @Lowes
Gas log fireplace – install damper clamp – $1.88 @Lowes
Trim bushes away from walls – FREE
Clear items away from panel and AC disconnect – FREE
Clear items away from water heater – FREE
Clean gutters – FREE

Back flow preventers (anti siphon devices) are considered a safety issue. These items prevent contaminated water being siphoned back into the potable water system.

Splash blocks help keep water from downspouts from discharging too close to the foundation. If not present damage to the foundation could occur.

Light bulbs – If an inspector sees a light fixture with one of several bulbs not working he cannot determine whether it is a bad bulb or bad fixture and will write it up as deficient. A well lit house attracts the buyer.

Missing or broken outlet and switch covers are considered a safety item. Help keep the children safe!

Even if you use the more expensive filters at the very least put in a new clean cheap one. A clean cheap filter is better than a dirty expensive one!

The damper on a gas log fireplace must be positively blocked open. A clamp installed o0n the damper takes care of this. Its simple and cheap and necessary.

Bushes that rub against the exterior walls can damage the siding. It also prevents the inspector from adequately viewing the wall area.

If you have little trees growing in your gutters, remove them. Full gutters can cause damage to the fascia and roof.

If an inspector does not have access to the electrical panel, AC disconnect or water heater not only is it a building code violation but it also leads to suspicion about what you may be hiding. Clear everything away.