Keep Your AC in Tip Top Condition

Temperatures are heating up in Texas. Its time to make sure your AC system is in top notch condition for the most efficient comfort you can expect in your home. Here are several tips and recommendations for you that will help ensure a happy comfortable summer.

1. Make sure your outside unit is clean and free from growth such as bushes and vines. Too often we neglect that unit and vegetation grows and chokes off the unit. This causes the unit to run inefficiently.

2. Change or clean all filters regularly throughout the cooling season. Many units have a filter that is mounted at the furnace area and is often neglected. Refer to your owner’s manual or hire an inspector to do a “component inspection” to teach you all about your system.

3. Make sure your primary drain line is clear and free from blockage. Most units have a pipe installed where you can add bleach to keep this pipe clear. If you see water dripping from a short pipe over a window this is an indication that you have problems. If you feel you need help, again you can hire an inspector to check your unit and teach you how to maintain it.

4. Repair any damaged or missing weather stripping around doors and windows.

Should you feel you need help or instruction, call KJS Inspections and let us come out and inspect your system and teach how to maintain it. Contact Mike at 713-588-5969, [email protected], or check out our website at