Real Estate: What Should I Tell My Client When Employing an Inspector?

Most residential home sales involve an inspector at some point in the process. What should a real estate agent tell their client when the client desires to employ an inspector? Here are four tips.

Have Your Client Present For The Inspection

The purchase of a home is a significant investment and being part of the process provides a client a better understanding of the home and any possible issues they may need to be addressed in the purchase process.

Have Your Client Ask The Inspector Questions

The inspector is there to assist the client in providing information about the home. The inspector has the responsibility to protect and promote the interest of their client (typically the buyer) to the best of the inspector’s ability and knowledge, recognizing that the client has placed the client’s trust and confidence in the inspector. If any item or comment in the report is unclear the client should ask the inspector to clarify and educate them about the finding.